[Note: ilmwear says it’s not just White Imperialism, it’s any Imperialism - Arabs, whoever! ]


I'm not a hunter, but I am told That in places like in the arctic, Where indigenous people sometimes might hunt a wolf, They’ll take a double edged blade, And they'll put blood on the blade, And they'll melt the ice and stick the handle in the ice, So that only the blade is protruding, And that a wolf will smell the blood and wants to eat, And it will come and lick the blade trying to eat, And what happens is when the wolf licks the blade, Of course, he cuts his tongue, and he bleeds, And he thinks he's really having a good thing, And he drinks and he licks and he licks, And of course he is drinking his own blood and he kills himself,.   That's what the Imperialists did with us with crack cocaine, You have these young brothers out there who think they are getting something They gonna make a living with, They is getting something they can buy a car, Like the white people have cars, why can't I have a car? They getting something they can get a piece of gold, White people have gold, why can't I have gold? They getting something to get a house, White people have a house, why can't I have a house? And they actually think that there’s something that’s bringing resources to them, But they're killing themselves just like the wolf was licking the blade, And they're slowly dying without knowing it. That’s what’s happening to the community, you with me on that? That’s exactly, precisely what happens to the community, And instead of blaming the hunter who put the damn handle and blade in the ice for the wolf, That what happens is the wolf gets the blame, gets the blame for trying to live, That’s what happens in our community, You don't blame the person, the victim, You blame the oppressor, Imperialism, white power is the enemy, Was the enemy when it first came to Africa, And snatched up the first African brothers here against our will, isss the enemy today, And that's the thing that we have to understand.  


Once upon a time
There was a very serious situation growing
There was a farmer and a farmyard filled with animals
And this is the story of their times

Old man Sammy had a farm
Walked the land with the wife
Most of the time (*bleep*) was calm
His whole life was maintained off the everyday labour
From the mules in the field to the cattle in the stable
This is how we kept food on this table (maxing)
You would have he was disabled by the way he be relaxing
Acting like Mr. Magnificent
But the animals were thinking something different
The sentiment was tension in the barnyard
Throughout the years they had been through mad drama
With the farmer, word is bond
And they all came to one conclusion
They argued there was no way they’d ever be free

If it was up to humans
Therefore the only course left was revolution which was understandable
And since the pigs promised to lead in the interest of all the animals
They planned a full attack
Under the leadership of Hannibal
The fattest pig in the pack
The next morning on the farm
Everything was calm
Just before dawn
But before long
The sun got so hot it made the farm seem electric
Now check it
This is when that (*bleep*) got hectic
Directed by Hannibal, the animals attacked
Old Sam was in a state of shock
And fell up on his back
And dropped his rifle
Reaching in vain
Each and every creature from the field at his throat
Screaming kill, feel the pain.

This is the animal in man
This is the animal in you
This is the animal in man
Coming true

After they ran the farmer off the farm
The pigs went around and called a meeting in the barn
Hannibal spoke for several hours
But when talks about his plans for power
That’s when the conversation turned sour
He issued an official ordinance to set
If not a pig from this day forth then you insubordinate
That’s when the horses went buckwild
One of them shouted out
You fraudulent pigs, we know your (*bleep*)-in’ style!
Hannibal’s face was flushed and pale
All the animals eyes full of disgust and betrayal
He felt the same way Sam felt
They took his tongue out of his mouth
And cut his body up for sale, for real
You better listen while you can
Its a very thin line between animal and man
When Hannibal crossed the line they all took a stand
What would have done?
Shook his hand?
This is the animal in man
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