Visions of a Prisoner

by ilmwear



the vision of

gun metal grey –

Galvanized wayward strays,

Social dismay.


No reprise

No surprise

Democratic decay corrodes to

moral disarray -

juristic delay.


Morale ebbs away

Gaols wail with prey

…and we Pray.


Semantic Semitics echo hollow

in wallowing ethics

sorrowful sceptics joust

in the court of

carnal aesthetics.


Wounds turn septic whilst

hearts hard - neglect this.


Deceptive is the mind

lined eclectic with compassion

- of a fashion

epileptic with reflection.



and now dejected

Affected –

but not effective

we seek to reach the

alms of the protected.


The inhumane

play with the subhuman.

Freedom and Jurisprudence

stifles and rifles civil movements.


Prisoners of the body

Confined of the mind

Captive from our heart

and voluntarily blind.


Allahu Akbar – God is greater

than the raper of our tribes -

the paper tigers of our times.


until the quill scribes

Who will earn the favour and

decide if our lives are worthy

of our Creator?

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