You have changed some of your designs

Yes we have. We have taken some down and added some new ones. In light of the current climate, we felt that it was important to be sensitive to the wider community’s concerns, because our objectives are ones of art and responsible intellectual discussion.

Your designs are dope, can I stock them in my store, or on my website?
Sure, get in touch and we’ll hook it up.

Is it cool for anyone to wear your designs?
Hell yes. What would you rather wear – some colonial or confederate flag?

What are your political views?
Do you ask Nike, AOL Time Warner, Starbucks, Disney, Nokia, McDonalds, Nestle, Johnson & Johnson, Rupert Murdoch, Coca Cola or any of those other dudes before you consume their products?

Do I have to buy your garments online?
No, we can come to some alternative arrangement.

Is it safe to use online payments?
Put it this way, it can be safer than giving your card details to some kid over the ‘phone or letting some sneaker pimp junkie swipe your card in a store – ‘cos we’ve come across some serious scammeisters in our time.

I’m a big cat and my other half’s real skinny, could you knock us up special sizes?
We got nuttin’ but love for you. Let’s see what we can do.

We’re running a campaign and would like a fly design, can you help us out?
Let’s conversate… unless that is you’re some fascist president or puppet dictator.

I need to order lots of you products, like er yesterday, can we do this?
If you’re for real, then we can seal dat deal.

I bought one of your garments and people don’t like what it says.
Then educate ‘them’, change who you hang out with, or wear it to bed instead.

Do you really think that wearing a t-shirt is gonna bring about change?
No, it’s people that bring about change. I mean, does a pen – or is it the author and the effect that they have on society? Having said that, look at what happens when people become slaves to fashion.