sends out your order using
Royal Mail Airmail Small Packets

This is what they say about their service:
We [Royal Mail] aim to deliver Airmail Small Packets to Western Europe three days after posting, to Eastern Europe in five days and to countries outside Europe in four days. We use an independent market research company to help maintain our delivery standards by monitoring delivery times to 21 countries.

We recommend allowing up to 14 days after placing your order, before you receive your order, rip open that packet and put your garment on.

If we don’t have your size in stock, don’t worry, we’ll bust a nut to make sure you get what you wanted. But, if there are any problems [like the mailman jacked your t-shirt and you’ve seen him bowlin’ down the street in it], then don’t worry we’ll work on this together. For those that try to front and play like you ain’t got your order of 500 t-shirts, don’t try it – what goes around comes around kid!

If you can’t pay for something online and would rather pay by cheque, then that’s cool – just get in touch.

Yes, we do accept cheques.

•  email us your order

•  make a cheque payable to J. Wilson

•  and post to
P.O. Box 56767
E11 9AH


Remember to add on postage costs, which you can calculate using the shopping cart.

Your order will be dispatched immediately on receipt of payment.

If for any reason in the unlikely event that you are unhappy with your purchase; we will be happy to refund your money, minus shipping charges.
If when you receive your garments you find that you'd prefer them in a different size - don't worry we'll exchange them.
(1) email us:
(2) send the garments back asap 
(3) make a further payment here to cover the replacement shipping charges