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Design and web-design
[ boss@khalido.com ]

Khalido's way is to move people with lethal bushido graphics - so move noh!

Nanashi-X [Nanashi : Japanese for without name]

Nanashi is an insomniac, putting her heart and soul into every design, hoping that you’ll connect with her messages – both the seen and the unseen. She was kicked out of formal education because she virtually gave up writing, in favour of drawing for all her assignments – all because someone told her once that a picture was worth a thousand words. For that reason, she’s not too good on email.


Moriz Digital [Moriz - Russian for Moorish]

Moriz lives in a cyberspace parallel universe, spinnin’ up finger clickin’ good pages to help you get a feel for what we’re about and give you a taste of our products. Moriz will make your journey about as secure and good as it can get - without having the garment in your hands and handing over your payment in person.


Communications & content
Mai [Mai: Japanese/Native American for Brightness/Coyote]

Fav. quote: “Knowers don’t generalise, generalisers don’t know”, Tao Te Ching


Shirt printer

Inkboy breaths life into our designs. He prints all the t-shirts by hand and every one like it’s his last. Inkboy does each print several times over and cooks them at a high temperature - to ensure that they are long lasting. It’s a dirty job, but someone’s gotta do it.


Label maker

Rumplestiltskin will tell you that the label’s the most important part of any product - it lets you know where someone’s head’s at and whether it’s wack. Seeing is believin’ when you watch him get down to the weavin’ - and we think ours are all that and a bag of chips! He asked us to point out however that he doesn’t do hair weaves [as if it crossed your mind].


Customer support & dispatch
Malu Umeko [Malu: Hawaiian for peacefulness, Umeko: Japanese for patient]

Malu will tell you that the world’s a better place when you have an avocado and honey milkshake in your hand

Anaya Tafui
[Anaya: African Ibo for one who looks up to God. Tafui: African Togo for giver of glory to God]

Anaya’s here to take care of all of your questions and make sure evrytin’ wid your order irie. Wherever you are in the world, she’ll find a way to hook up with you


Marketing and PR
Aqsa Sakura [Sakura: Japanese for cherry blossom]

Impress on congress eminently with all enmity.
Silencin’ hip-hop-crisy
make ‘em take out an indemnity

Robert de-Negro

de-Negro became disillusioned with the fugazi of GTA computer games and became a straight edger. Now he’s on the hustle stone cold pushing ilmwear to the masses. Why not become a ‘friend a’ ours’ and join the ilmwear mob.